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Making Disciple-Makers bay area christian fellowship The Journey

How Could Jesus Tell He Was Successful In Life & Ministry?

How Did Jesus Make Disciples?

How Many Years Should I Attend Church Before I'm Ready To Start Discipling Others?

Did The NT Disciples Have 12 People To Disciple?

How Did the Apostle Paul Make Disciples?

Being Disciple-Makers

Seeing God As The Central Character In Our Life Story

Adding A Routine Into Our Life That Reminds Us Of Our Sins & Of God's Grace

Are We Spending Time Listening To The Right Preachers?

Seeing How Lucky We Are To Get To Play A Part In God's Plans

What Are You Spending Your Time Building In This Life?

Increasing in Our Devotion to God (Book of Ezra)

Seeing How God Works In The Lives of Unbelievers

Discovering God's Purposes For Unbelievers In Our Life

How God Works in the Lives of Unbelievers


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